wildfire (LYRICS)


I see your love like a satellite
sending out a signal tonight

I got a message that will ignite
So turn it up if you’re looking for life

You and me, everything before us
Can’t you see, our God is always for us

Don't be afraid don’t be paralyzed
It's time to live we got nothing to hide


Pre chorus:
We’re going out , going out tonight
We are the light and we're shining bright


Whoa oh..
Light it up, light it up like a wildfire

Feeling good like it's summertime
Shining like the Fourth of July

In every city and every town
We’re on a mission for the lost to be found

Here we go we're burning like a disco

Come on, Come on, believe it in your soul

We’re making news in the headlines
salvation on a neon sign


Can you feel it now
Our God is alive
Can you feel it now
Our God is alive

Let’s shine so bright, like a brand new day
Chasing the dark, with a light that won’t fade
we were born to burn so bright
dont wanna be a flame, i wanna be a fire

We gotta burn so bright
Like a wildfire